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We strive to be ATTENTIVE, DILIGENT, and SUCCESSFUL for each client that walks into our law office.


This practice was founded in 2001 by Bar. Fredrick Sackey Appiah with a mission to provide clients with real, complete and satisfactory solutions to various legal problems and needs. Sackey Chambers fully embraces the core values of the Bar, and always exhibits an independent and results-driven approach in the representation of its clients and their interests.


"The client, at all times, is encouraged to be an integral part of the process from the commencement till the end.

The principal areas of practice at Sackey Chambers include both the transactional and dispute resolution aspects Banking, Commercial, Corporate, Employment, Real Property, and Family law. The Chambers however has the capability to advice and represent on a wide range of other areas upon request.

Where the Chambers assesses the prospective clients request to be outside the concentration of the members, it may recommend other lawyers, if the enquirer so requests. Our clients are regularly kept up to date by regular updates on the progress of their instructions, and are encouraged to play an active part in the execution of their instructions.

We always try to provide our clients with a sufficient understanding of the intricacies of legal procedure to be encountered in the progress towards the desired or most suitable end, irrespective of the mode of resolution in use. Our clients are therefore always rewarded with a sense of satisfaction and pride in the end result of our representation. We primarily help clients solve problems. In all situations we try our best to provide the desired efficient and effective service sought. We do not allow our representation to be a reason to foment the trouble our clients may find themselves in.

We thus encourage and guide our clients to focus on reaching resolutions devoid of entrenched interests, though we always are mindful of the true desires of our clients. The Chambers Secretary is ready at anytime to advise prospective clients on specializations, experience and availability of the resources of the Chambers.

AThe Firm specialises in Corporate Law, (including company formation), Commercial, Banking and Finance, Investment, Stock Exchange, Securities, Insurance, Telecommunications, E-Commerce, Immigration, Taxation, Property, Aviation, Oil and Gas, Shipping, Mining, Intellectual Property, Employment, Debt Recovery (local and international) and General Civil Litigation (banking, commercial and general) .

Corporate clients include: Ecobank (Ghana) Limited, Amalgamated Bank, HFC Bank, Air Namibia and FSC Fortex (Switzerland) and Ulysses (Nigeria) Limited.

VIt is our vision and mission to become and remain the topmost commercial, banking and financial law firm not only in Ghana but in the entire West African sub-region and to serve the needs of investors wishing to invest in this fast developing economic sub-region, particularly the areas of oil and petroleum, mining, light and heavy industry, telecommunication and e-commerce.

We provide proactive advice and services to our established corporate and individual clients and always look forward to new instructions from investors. We do not only help our investors find their feet in matters of company incorporation, immigration and labour law issues but remain with them all the way with unflinching loyalty, unqualified and top rate services at modest expense.


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